Steenbergs Philosophy

When Axel and Sophie Steenbergs founded Steenbergs in 2003, they wanted to source high quality herbs, spices and teas and to do this in a way that was good for both people and the environment.  This remains our core philosophy - great ingredients done ethically.

For Steenbergs, this means that almost all its ingredients are organic, with an extensive range Fairtrade as well.

Steenbergs has been organically certified since the outset and was one of the founders of Fairtrade spices, working closely with Fairtrade to develop the original Fairtrade spice standards and bringing the first Fairtrade cooperatives on board.  Steenbergs was the first UK Fairtrade spice business, becoming a Fairtrade spice trader in April 2005 and launching the first range of Fairtrade spices in June 2005.

Since then, we have developed the first organic Fairtrade vanilla extracts and were first to market with Fairtrade saffron.  With the acquisition of Old Hamlet Wine and Spice Co in February 2017, Steenbergs has further strengthened its positioning in Fairtrade spices.

We continually strive to improve our actions to meet this core ethic.  For example, Steenbergs two premises incorporate many eco-features - low water usage toilets, green energy including solar panelling, solar tubes and sky lights, natural linoleum and as much insulation as possible.  

Steenbergs recycles all corrugated packaging, paper, glass and metal, and continuously tries to make our transit packaging greener, by using as much paper-based material as possible.

For a detailed review of Steenbergs way of working, please visit The Steenbergs Way.

WARNING: Steenbergs Ltd has become aware that an identity fraudster is falsely using the Steenbergs name and head office address to offer employment and business opportunities to unsuspecting people and businesses. The fraud originates in Nigeria and is in no manner connected to Steenbergs Ltd. There is no Garry Walker or pharmaceuticals or similar business at 6 Hallikeld Close. If you are in the UK, notify Action Fraud at 0300 123 2040.