Steenbergs People

All the team share a passion to provide organic ingredients to make you smile, through high standards; technical back up; products that win on aroma, flavour and provenance; environmentally-aware; good presentation; on time. 

One of the things about Steenbergs is that you get real people with a real passion and understanding for our real products - this is no faceless corporate. All of our staff are real team players who all work together to ensure that the business runs smoothly and that all our products are lovingly packed, ready for use.

The Office - Customer Service, Product Development, Purchasing, Sales, Technical, Accounts 

The front of house team is always keen to discuss Steenbergs' range of products to anyone who calls in or emails us.  We try always to respond as quickly as possible, but to ensure we give a considered response this may sometimes take a little longer.  The Office Team handles all assurance-type aspects of the business - accounts and payroll, quality and technical, health and safety and ethics.

The team comprises: Axel, Sophie, Aga, Lucy and Emily.  Aga runs customer service and the picking and packing area.  Sophie and Emily handle public relations, social media and marketing.  Lucy is our accountant.  And all of us handle the phone and email enquiries, so you never quite know who you may get.  All of us have been at Steenbergs from almost the beginning, so there's many years of experience here.

The Shop - Picking, Packing and Dispatch 

Picking, Packing and Dispatch of internet orders, mail order and smaller shops are mainly handled by the "Shop" team.  This is headed up by Aga (or Axel and Sophie, as and when needed) and the star team includes Dace, Kristina and Brenda.  Dace handles retailers' orders, while Kristina looks after our Amazon and orders with help from Brenda.

The Factory - Warehouse, Packing, Labelling and Finishing 

While the buying is mainly done by Axel, this is where the real heavy lifting of Steenbergs happens.  Jan heads up this area which is based at 6 Hallikeld Close.  Jan has been at Steenbergs since 2011 and has been instrumental in commissioning the various semi-automated pieces of machinery.

Jan's team is split into two areas:

  • Blending and packing: Dan, Kasia and Luke
  • Labelling and finishing: Brenda, Colin and Katrina

Axel will, also, often be found helping out (or perhaps interfering) with production.

Larger retail and raw materials orders are, also, generally carried out by the Factory team.