Water Footprint

Every day we flush around 50 litres of water down the toilet - that's equivalent to a tank of petrol.  And yet that water is as clean and healthy as the designer water that lines our supermarket shelves.  We need to understand what we're doing with our water, and learn to respect its value.

At Steenbergs, we are acutely aware of the vulnerability to the world's ecosystems to water for example:

  • Water shortages, e.g. in Murcia, Spain, from vast tourist urbanisations that come complete with verdant golf course;
  • Increased flooding, e.g. in low-lying Bangladesh as annual monsoons run off in the Bay of Bengal will increase flooded area by 40% and a 2oC rise in temperature would see the flow in the Meghna and Brahmaputra rivers increase by 20%;
  • Water pollution, e.g. freshwater pollution in the UK from chemical pollution from fertilisers and disused coal mines, organic pollution from sewage and heat pollution from power stations. In 2004, there were 708 notifiable serious pollution incidents, of which 137 came from the water industry and 115 from agriculture.

Where does the water from and how is it managed?

At Steenbergs, the water is potable water abstracted from one of the UK's most important aquifers, the Sherwood Sandstone Group.  The water is untreated freshwater that has been slowly filtered through the permeable sands and gravels of the buried valley of the

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