Carbon Costs

Unfortunately, however much environmental effort we put into our business, there will always be areas where we simply cannot effectively remove Steenbergs impact on the environment. We hate this, but it is not practical to bring spices and teas to Europe by sail-ship, to process everything by hand and to bring product to market by horse and cart.

So we use one of the many carbon offsetting operations that are available. Steenbergs uses Climatecare. You can find out more about them, at

Our carbon costs

At Steenbergs, we calculate our carbon costs annually in arrears. We offset the following areas:

  • Travel by staff to and from work
  • Business travel by staff
  • Transport of spices from origin to our factory in Ripon, North Yorkshire
  • Transport of our products to customers
  • Cost of paper used
  • Energy from the grid, i.e. net of that produced by solar panels