Staff Welfare

The welfare of Steenbergs staff is core to meeting our Ethical Policy.  In the UK, much of this is met by regulatory and standard business commitments to workers' rights, working hours, holiday pay, pensions, health and safety, and working conditions.

Steenbergs has a flat structure for pay, with all employees (including directors) paid the same hourly rate.  Pay is linked to the National Living Wage in the UK, paid at a 2% premium to the rates set by the UK Government.  Piece workers are paid the same rate, but calculated in line with the rules set in National Living Wage regulations.

While these regulations are tough, Steenbergs seeks to shift to the even more progressive living wage standards set by The Living Wage Foundation, but to do this as the business' economics allow.

For our supply chain, Fairtrade sits at the heart of our objectives.