Ethical Policy

Ethical policy

Steenbergs is committed to sourcing, blending and packing the best natural and ethically-sourced herbs, spices, flavours, teas and hot chocolates, sourcing these wherever possible as organically grown and fairly traded.

For Steenbergs, it is fundamental to who we are as people that we strive to minimise the effects of our commercial activities on the world, by choosing ways of working that have the least worst environmental and societal impact of the options available to us.  Where we remain unhappy with those options, we will try to strive to catalyse changes to improve our work and the products and services available to us.

Overall, Steenbergs seeks to minimise the potential harmful social effects of our commercial activities, wherever and whenever this is practicable, and work to secure measurable social benefits our business.

Policy Aims

Steenbergs has a commitment to the highest standards of ethics, fairness and reasonableness in all our business dealings, at home and abroad and at individual, community, national and global scales. 

Steenbergs’ Ethical Policy’s aims are:

  • To include ethical considerations in our daily business activities
  • To conduct ongoing ethical analyses of Steenbergs products, supply chains and actions
  • To maintain an ethically responsible purchasing policy
  • To eradicate all potentially unethical supply chains and unfair actions within Steenbergs
  • To meet at all times all articles of the United Nations’ The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, so far as they relate to Steenbergs

Policy Objectives

Steenbergs’ Ethical Policy’s objectives are:

  • Purchasing products and services in an ethically responsible manner, with no hint nor otherwise of bribery or back-handers
  • Employment is freely chose
  • Freedom of association/collective bargaining
  • Child labour shall not be used
  • Living wages shall be paid
  • Working hours must not be excessive
  • No discrimination is practiced
  • No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed
  • A safe and hygienic working environment shall be provided

In case of any doubt, we will look to standards set by FLO-Cert GmbH and consider what would be regarded as reasonable in the UK.

At Steenbergs, we have a commitment to these high standards of ethics, fairness and reasonableness in all our business dealings, at home and abroad and at individual, local, national and international levels. 

We expect all our suppliers to exceed these principles and we strive to change the attitudes of our customers through a peaceful revolution.

WARNING: Steenbergs Ltd has become aware that an identity fraudster is falsely using the Steenbergs name and head office address to offer employment and business opportunities to unsuspecting people and businesses. The fraud originates in Nigeria and is in no manner connected to Steenbergs Ltd. There is no Garry Walker or pharmaceuticals or similar business at 6 Hallikeld Close. If you are in the UK, notify Action Fraud at 0300 123 2040.